Smart City

Leveraging the knowledge on Smart City creation, we provide services in

  • Strategy & Advisory
  • Consultation
  • Solution Integration

Our mission is to drive the setup of smart infrastructure to enhance connectivity, liveability, productivity and resilience. We help to identify infrastructure assets that should be retrofitted to become smart and strategies to achieve this. We are experts in emerging technologies such as IoT, AI and LoRaWAN.


Helping clients digitally transform your business with cloud solutions and cloud migrations. We help you move your workloads into Public and Private cloud environments.

Cloud Solutions

  • Migration
  • Workload Architecture and Re-Architecture
  • Cloud Consulting

Cloud Management Platform – Unite Cloud Manager

  • Cloud brokerage services
  • Multi cloud support and marketplace
  • Single window governance and control

Managed Services

  • Optimize infrastructure investment
  • Support critical transformation and ongoing maintenance
  • Align IT with Business

Connectivity Services

  • Dark Fibre connectivity from Data Center to Cloud Data Centers including AWS, Microsoft, etc. at bandwidth ranging from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps


A well-implemented DevOps framework can help teams deliver great quality software and applications more rapidly and efficiently, reducing overall costs.

DevOps Consulting & Implementation

Our experienced DevOps team assesses your business needs, current operation team structure and IT processes to put a DevOps work environment in place.

Continuous Delivery

Our developers work with your IT Operations team to improve your processes and provide continuous software delivery. Our agile innovation packages allow for continuous DevOps services.

Managed DevOps Services

Want to automate & integrate your business processes? We implement DevOps strategies to develop cloud infrastructure and transfer your business apps to a cloud platform such as Amazon Web Services or Azure.

Data Management, Visualization and Analytics

To generate a competitive advantage in today’s fast paced business environment, organizations need to derive insight, internally and externally to compete and grow. Given the ever-increasing amounts of data, it is increasing reliant on technologies such as Data Analytics and Machine Learning. We understand that information, insights and foresights impact every aspect of business.

Unite and our industry leading partners are able to assist you with Data Management, Data Visualization and Data Analytic toolsets which enable complex analytical capabilities for those who are not data experts enabling enterprises to get up and running quickly – at the edge, on premise, or in the cloud.

Data Management

  • Information Management and Data Lakes
  • Data Architectures
  • Data Aggregation
  • Warehouse Design
  • Data Storage Strategy
  • Data Integration Access
  • Roadmaps

Data Visualization

  • Prototyping
  • Design services
  • Analytics, Dashboards
  • Virtual Reality visualisation

Data Analytics

  • BigData
  • IoT Data
  • Assessment Services
  • Real Time Ingestion
  • Real time Analysis
  • Prescriptive & Predictive Analysis
  • Anomaly Detection

PAYG Contractor Care

PAYG Contractor Care at an introductory rate of 1.5% for taking care of your payroll services.

If you are a contractor in Australia, PAYG is an ideal option if you prefer the simplicity of Unite managing all the time-consuming and costly administration tasks associated with being a Pty Ltd contractor.

As a PAYG (Pay As You Go) contractor, we take care of everything on your behalf including:

• Processing your pay
• Emailed pay advices
• Remitting PAYG tax to the ATO
• Deduction and payment of other amounts to Government agencies (e.g. HECS)
• Administering Superannuation to the fund of your choice
• Quarterly payment of Superannuation
• Issuing your annual payment summary in the first week of July
• Covering the administration costs for Workers Compensation cover
• Administering all Workers Compensation claims
• Administering $10m of Professional Indemnity and $20m of Public Liability Insurance

Contact Us for switching over, and saving more of your hard earned money!

Freshworks Implementation

As a Solutions Partner, we can guide and help you with improving your customer experience with relevant products from our partner, Freshworks.

How it works?

Understand your current practice

We need to know what your current challenges are and why you are looking for a solution. We know that every challenge has a solution – at Unite, we find the right product or a mix of products that solves your business challenges. This also helps us find which features will benefit you the most.

Product set up

After understanding your challenges, we help you set-up and customize the solution. We set-up your accounts, implement the features you need, and test the processes your business will use.

User acceptance testing

We work with your team to come up with use cases and run a few tests to ensure that your challenges have been addressed, and it is working as intended.


Once the solution has been accepted, we offer online training to your entire team on how to use the solution before it goes live.

Why hire experts?

Companies and startups often do not have the time or expertise to implement a cloud solution correctly. Freshworks products are designed to be user-friendly, but do you have the time to learn the software completely and implement for your unique business needs? A Freshworks expert can ensure that your Freshworks product meets your business needs.