Water is one of the critical resources on Earth for all living beings to survive.

We are on a mission to save and conserve water, and detect water pollution by placing IoT sensors in Rivers, Lakes, Beaches and Oceans to get the vital data in real-time and take necessary actions, before it becomes too late.

Smart Water is equipped with multiple IoT sensors to improve and simplify remote water quality monitoring in realtime.

We provide the Hardware and Software for an end to end solution.

We also assist Water managers, who are facing growing challenges, including ageing infrastructure, rising energy costs and growing populations.
Smart water management helps solve these challenges through self-optimizing equipment and analytics that support proactive decisions.

It helps to perform comprehensive monitoring of different stages of Water Lifecycle starting with

  • Rain, Ground, Lake and Reservoir water level
  • Pressure
  • Water Quality throughout distribution network
  • Smart Metering
  • Leakage and illegal pipe connection.

It is a way to collect, share and analyze data from water equipment and water networks. It is used by water managers to find leaks, lower energy use, predict equipment failure, and ensure regulatory compliance.